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I would like to thank Mary Moore (The Cooks Warehouse), Chair for Metro Atlanta Chamber Small Business Council, and the rest of the chamber staff and members for the honor of representing the Metro Atlanta Chamber as their 2009 Small Business Person of the Year.

Our team at MySupplies definitely ranks this as one of our highest personal achievements especially as our company celebrates its 40th year in business. Or, as we like to say, “our 40th birthday”.

I am excited to have had the opportunity to welcome in the 2010 Small Business of the Year winner, along with Sam Williams, President of the Metro Atlanta Chamber – Debbi Shapiro, president of Henderson Shapiro, Inc. Congratulations Debbie!

Debbie is a shining example of entrepreneurial vision and civic contribution, and embodies the dedication necessary to succeed in a competitive and thriving region for small businesses.

Thanks again– it’s wonderful what opportunities being a Metro Atlanta Chamber member bring to our company.


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Go Green When Eating Out

You may not think it’s possible to go green while eating out. It doesn’t seem the control is in your hands. Surprisingly, there are actually things you can do to go green while eating out. Going green while eating at a restaurant is all about making the right choices. Sometimes the difference lies in where you eat as well. Some restaurants are more eco-friendly than others. Some even serve go green food.

Fast Food Restaurant Disposables

Let’s face it, eating at a fast food restaurant means using disposable everything. Cut down on disposables by skipping the drive through. Eating in means no bags. Bring your own
cup and skip the straw. If you must use their cup, don’t throw
it away. Go green while eating out by bringing the cup home
for reuse. Take only the condiments and napkins you really need. Instead of pumping the ketchup into the cute little paper cups, pump it directly onto your food.

Fast Food

Go green while eating out at a fast food restaurant by choosing environmentally friendly food. Higher quality fast food restaurants have begun offering cruelty free meat and organic produce. Some other restaurants are choosing to offer vegetarian burgers as a go greenoption. Those that don’t will often serve salad and other low impact meals. Order only what you can eat or are willing to take home and eat later. Wasting good food is not a go green behavior.

Say Goodbye to Fast Food

Eating at a sit down restaurant is one way to go green while eating out. Sit down restaurants are less likely to use disposables than fast food restaurants. Dishes are used and re-washed over and over. Dishwashers use less water than conventional hand washing.

Many sit down restaurants also use cloth napkins. Cloth napkins
can be used numerous times and re-washed as well. Decline the straw.
Once it is put on the table it will have to be thrown away whether it’s used or not.

Portion Control

Chain restaurants have a habit of going overboard with portions.

This leaves us two options. We can stuff ourselves and finish everything on our plates. The other option is to take half of our portion home in a take out box. Here are a couple alternate ideas to go green while eating out with portion control. The first idea is to ask for half portions when ordering. It’s often cheaper. This go green idea also saves waste when dining out. The second is simple. Bringyour own re-usable container for leftovers.

Menu Options

Go green while eating out by choosing the right foods from sit down restaurant menus. You are more likely to get detailed information about the origins of your food from a sit down restaurant. Ask about menu options using locally grown produce as one go green option. Eating close to home saves transportation costs and pollution. Other things to inquire about are cruelty free meats and organically grown produce. Do advance research. Some restaurants cook exclusively with go green food items.

Go green while eating out by avoiding disposables. Bring your own substitutes for these environmentally wasteful products. Just say no to straws and disposable drinking cups by bringing your own. Choose food that is locally grown, cruelty free and organic. Ask for smaller portions. Use your own re-usable containers to take home leftovers. All these actions will help you go green while eating out.

We’re all busy and eating out is sometimes the quickest way to go as we need to get back to our desk or that next meeting. Think about the above tips when you’re out and about and share them with your lunch partner – a little goes a long way toward going green. This is also a great idea for your office – a little friendly competition with an incentive at the end.

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MySupplies was a proud supporter for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as a Triple Play Sponsor for the Spring Classic fundraising event at Turner Stadium on April 27th. The event featured a game between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia’s baseball teams. Follow this link to learn more about this exciting game. http://gtalumni.org/buzzwords/may10/article1130.html

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