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Nancy Balkcom_Holding AwardDo you know what it feels like to be a rock star? I DO!

I just returned from yet another amazing WBENC Summit & Salute. In fact, I feel this was most-definitely the best one ever, for a number of reasons. I was surrounded by amazing women, many who have already become dear friends, and many new connections who I am sure will also have a special place in my life. The camaraderie among these women lifts me up and makes me proud to be a woman-owned business. I have been in situations where that wasn’t always the case, and yet, I know that when I participate in a WBENC event, I can say it is a “sure thing” that I will be inspired and motivated to become a better person and share what I can with others.

The matchmaker meetings were one of the best things about the week.  I truly appreciated the time with Blue Cross Blue Shield and the other companies who took the time to meet with us.

I must admit, the best part of the conference this year was the fact that I won such a prestigious award. The WBE 2014 Star Award overwhelmed and excited me. It’s hard to believe that when I was 15 years old and learning the business through my father, and then taking over at the age of 29, that I would have the opportunity to be up on a stage accepting an award in front of peers and my family who I respect deeply.

In fact, if you were there, it wasn’t a secret how happy I was – I proved it when I felt comfortable enough to show my enthusiasm by dancing on the stage. Yes, I may have felt a little silly afterwards, but, that is the beauty of WBENC isn’t it? You can be yourself!


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